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Why Pre and Post-Op Physical Therapy Is Important

Publish Date
September 23, 2021

Is a surgery in the future for you to address your musculoskeletal issue?

Has your doctor mentioned the need for physical therapy afterward? Or even the benefit of physical therapy to prepare you for the surgery beforehand? Some people think that the surgery will be the quick fix of their knee pain or their rotator cuff tear, or their bulging disc, to name a few examples. However, often the recovery from the surgery is not as quick of a fix as hoped for, and the surgery alone does not help one regain the function of their leg, arm, or core. Physical therapy is a crucial tool needed to compliment the work of surgery to optimize functional capabilities afterward in the short term and the long term. Physical therapy before surgery can also be beneficial to better prepare one’s body for the strains of surgery and the necessary post-operative rehabilitation. Below are further reasons for both pre-operative and post-operative physical therapy.

Reasons to Initiate PT for Pre-operative “Pre-hab”:

Reasons for Post-operative Physical Therapy:

The surgery alone will address the structural deficits which the body was not able to repair on its own. Physical therapy helps to restore the structure’s function and can help to address faulty body mechanics, soft tissue restriction, muscle imbalances, or other impairments that may have also been pre-existing and contributing to the wear and tear or injury of the body part involved in the operation. So even if your doctor does not mention the need for physical therapy, speak up and ask your doctor about it or contact us and ask a physical therapist here if physical therapy would be appropriate after your surgery.

More than likely, you did not just have surgery due to pain, but rather due to the dysfunction and pain that limited your ability to stand, walk, negotiate stairs, reach, lift, carry, etc. So get the physical therapy you need to get your life, work, and leisure activities back to the way they were before.

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By Dr. Billy Beaudreau, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, FAAOMPT


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