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Manual Therapy at Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Publish Date
February 28, 2022

Manual Therapy comprises many different hands-on techniques that we use in the clinic. We use Manual Therapy to help restore mobility, restore joint movement, decrease nerve tension, improve nerve mobility, and help reduce pain.


Many different techniques fall into the category of Manual Therapy. Some of these categories include but are not limited to:

∙ Soft Tissue Mobilization

∙ Joint Mobilizations

∙ Muscle Energy Techniques

∙ Passive Range of Motion

∙ Neural Mobilizations


Soft Tissue Mobilization: 

Soft Tissue Mobilization helps to reduce soft tissue adhesions and help promote muscle, ligament, and tendon mobility. Many different techniques make up soft tissue mobilizations, including soft tissue massage, deep tissue massage, retrograde massage, and active release.

Joint Mobilizations:

Joint Mobilizations help regain joint mobility and reduce pain, allowing the synovial fluid within the joint space to lubricate the joint and promote improved joint movement. Joint Mobilizations can also help create space within the joint to improve mobility.

Muscle Energy Techniques:

Muscle Energy Techniques promote muscle activation to help correct shortened or weakened muscles that restrict a joint's movement.


Passive Range of Motion:

Passive Range of Motion allows the joint and tissues to be relaxed. At the same time, the therapist moves the joint and allows the joint capsule and tissues surrounding the joint to be moved and stretched without resistance, allowing for less painful mobility.


Neural Mobilizations:

Neural Mobilizations are for those with nerve tension limiting movement or causing pain or numbness and tingling. Nerve Mobilizations help to allow the nerves to move and prevent getting bound down or pinched as our bodies move.


Your Plan of Care at Comprehensive Physical Therapy:


Depending on your Physical Therapy needs, you will most likely receive some form of manual Therapy during your plan of care. Each care plan is specific to each patient and targets what symptoms or limitations you may have. At CPT, we identify your limits and utilize Manual Therapy techniques in conjunction with stretching and strengthening exercises to get you back to your daily activities without limitations and give you the tools to prevent re-injury.


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By Dr. Billy Beaudreau, PT, DPT, MTC, OCS, FAAOMPT


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