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Manual Therapy for Pain Management

Have you been suffering from pain in your muscles, tissues, and joints? Have you lost the ability to move without pain? Our physical therapists can help. The manual therapy techniques that we use at Comprehensive Physical Therapy are evidence-based and proven to reduce pain.

Pain that makes it difficult to move can lower your quality of life. That is why we take pride in getting our patients in as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapy Treatment: Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a hands-on technique by clinicians. It is used to treat muscle aches, joint pain, and a limited range of motion. The methods used include soft tissue mobilization of muscles and specific joint mobilization. The three most notable forms of manual therapy are:

What Does Manual Therapy Treat?

Manual therapy has been proven to be an essential part of an overall conservative treatment plan. It can help to relax muscles and treats conditions including:

Ease Pain with Manual Therapy at Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Manual therapy is typically part of a complete treatment plan that is customized for your specific needs. If you are struggling to manage your pain after an injury or surgery, CPT can help. Give us a call to learn how we can incorporate manual therapy into your healing process.

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